Surviving Spiritual Warfare


Throughout our spiritual walk with God we all will experience warfare against evil forces. Some people ignore this conflict or don’t know how to respond. Father Robert Cox and Barbara McGuigan help us face this battle that occurs in our lives.

Father Robert Cox states that we will be in spiritual battle until we die or lose our use of reason. To help us face this battle every day, his talk gives insight into the nature of spiritual warfare, suggestions on how to wage the battle and what to avoid while in battle. He calls us to overcome our sinful nature, so we can better accomplish the work God has called us to through humility, submission to God’s will and the sacrament of penance.

Barbara McGuigan speaks first about some of the challenges she has faced in her own life by following God’s will. She goes on to say that it is only through grace that we can face spiritual warfare and the challenges that arise in our lives. It is grace that soaks up the scars from sorrow and allows us to respond to Jesus even when it is difficult. Barbara gives us a spiritual warfare kit explaining why each element is essential to surviving spiritual warfare.