Centro America y Mexico: La Lucha por la Vida, la Fey y la Familia


This is a Spanish language version of the Central America and Mexico video. From families and pro-life leaders in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama we hear a disturbing, but not unfamiliar, tale: life, faith and family are under a well-funded assault from NGOs and foreign governments – including the United States. The targets of this assault: The natural bonds of family and community, the faith that has formed the social structures that have endured through great hardship, and the most innocent life in the womb. Through propaganda in the media, immoral conditions placed on “development aid” and the influence of very aggressive pressure groups, the pro-abortion movement is waging a culture war against the Catholic Church and the families of Mexico and Central America.

Yet, there is resistance to this assault of what Blessed Pope John Paul II called the “Culture of Death.” In charity and in truth, the people in the pews are pushing back. Many Catholic priests and bishops, together with community activists and some brave elected officials, have established support networks for mothers and babies, media campaigns to spread the Gospel and expose anti-life propaganda and are working to keep politicians accountable to the people of faith whom they serve. Most importantly, the Catholics of this region turn to the Blessed Mother, the one who brings her children to Christ, and who gives hope when all hope seems lost.

This is the story of how the people of Central America and Mexico are standing up for their families and for their faith.

Learn more about this documentary and view clips from the film at www.hli.org/CentralAmerica.