Confessions of a Prolife Missionary (Softcover)


From the Foreword by Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ - "To some extent the Special Reports in this book are autobiographical. They tell us about Fr. Marx, his travels and his experiences on the front lines. But they are really a story about the war itself. There is no better way of seeing precisely what is happening and just what spiritual powers and forces of man are in play than by following these reports of the last seven years. They read like a novel, because they are in fact eyewitness accounts of the unfolding great battle of our time, the struggle for life and human dignity. But this is not just armchair reading for bystanders. It is my hope that every reader wil be inspired by the work of Fr. Paul Marx and his Human Life International to take part in the struggle. Because the story has not ended, and it is up to us - with the help of Almighty God - to make this saga the story of heroic victory and not of tragic defeat."