Confronting the Language Empowering the Culture of Death


William Brennan rebuts the charge that John Paul II's pharse "culture of death" is no more than the exaggerated scolding of an anxious, aging Churchman. In this book, Brennan cataloges the conceptual and language games used in law, medicine and polictics to deny the humanity of the weak and the vulnerable. Quoting from our cultural elites, Brennan contrasts their cold concepts with John Paul II's warm affirmation for the value of every human life - all the while showing how their vocabulary undercuts the sancity of human life. The work is also an excellent source for anyone who wants a handbook of the most ergregious anti-life statements by the most prestigious of our cultural leaders. It is well reserached and documented, a valuable resource for anyone engaged in our battle for a culture of life.

Adarian Reimers, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy UND