Doctors of the Church


They are saints and teachers, monks, priests, bishops, and nuns. They faced opposition and exile. They lived in periods of confusion and conflicts.

Their teachings and insights not only brought peace and understanding to the Church of their time but continue to anchor the Church of today.

They used speeches, documents, poems, and songs to reach the people of their time. Now Pope Benedict XVI explores the lives and significance of thirty-two of the Doctors of the Church like no one else can. Taken directly from the popes addresses in his weekly audiences, Doctors of the Church is an incredible journey through time to better understand these individuals who explored and explained the critical questions of the Church:

Who is Christ?

How do we know Christ?

How do we act as Christ's disciples?

How are we in Christ?

"The mission of the Church in every age is to introduce the world to Christ, its savior. The Church cannot accomplish her mission without learned men and women who are saints of God." -- Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop