Lexicon: The Book on Debatable and Ethical Questions Regarding Family Life


This international best seller is the compendium of articles exposing terms used in the media and international forums to conceal the true objectives of the culture of death. Phrases like "Safe Motherhood", or "Homophobia" are an insidious attack on traditional family values, and the Lexicon was requested by the late Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo as powerful antidote to this cultural poison. Cardinal George Pell has said of it, "This long awaited English translation of the Lexicon will be an invaluable resource to all those who genuinely seek to understand the profound truth, goodness and beauty of marriage and the family. It is a gift to the faithful, to the broader community, from the Church."

The Lexicon has stirred a great deal of controversy due to its un-apologetically Catholic content. Cardinal William Keller praised it saying: "It is inspiring because it lifts up ideals rooted in faith, illuminating the truth about the human person." This Lexicon is therefore intended particularly for libraries, students, laity, clergy and religious, lawyers, educators, NGO's and all who are working to defend life, faith and family.

946 pages