Mama! Why Did You Kill Us?


This is the true story of a Catholic woman who was haunted by the souls of the seven infants she had aborted during her married life. But it is also the story of her contrition and atonement and of the mercy of God shown to her afterwards.

The woman who wrote down these experiences addressed her narrative to "all mothers," saying, "I would not want the same thing to happen to any mother." The story also focuses on the question of the destiny of the souls of unbaptized babies, a spiritual aspect of abortion which is often overlooked today.

All in all, this is one of the most moving little works ever penned. It shows the true effect of abortion upon the conscience of the mother, causing deep personal suffering. And for those who have taken part in this tragic sin, it points the way to pardon and to peace. This book needs to be given to everyone, to awaken them to the reality of abortion-but especially to girls and young women, to help them avoid the tragic mistake of killing their own children.