PRIEST: Portaits of Ten Good Men Serving the Church Today


In this 187-page riveting book, you'll read of a pastor whose pro-life homilies have led to a parish with a joyful abundance of babies; a military chaplain who not only ministers to American soldiers on the battlefield, but also the poor and forgotten right here in the United States; and about an inner city pastor who bravely continued Easter Mass while rioters surrounded his church. If you've ever wondered what's happened to all the good priests in America, this book is a must read! The stories of the prayerful, solid, faithful priests profiled in this book, including HLI's own Chairman of the Board, Father James Gould, hailed one of the most successful vocation directors in the United States since the Second Vatican Council, will renew your faith in the Catholic priesthood. Priest: Portraits of Ten Good Men Serving the Church Today makes a wonderful gift, especially for anyone disillusioned with the priesthood. To secure copies for you and your family and friends, buy now!