Reflections of an Ex-Abortionist and Ex-Atheist


In this talk by the late Dr. Nathanson, we hear an amazing life story, starting with growing up in a Jewish family in Canada, to rejecting his faith to running the largest abortion center in New York City. Next we hear of that fateful moment, the beginning of his conversion, when he saw an ultrasound of abortion, and realized that the unborn child is a human being. From that point on, the story of his unfolding conversion to his pro-life views, then activism, and then his journey to becoming a Christian and joining the Catholic Church is a singular tale of sin and redemption, and the hope we can all have of the Mercy of God. Interestingly, the talk he gave at HLI's 1994 World Conference was supposed to be on another topic, but he spontaneously gave the talk you hear on CD here.