Reverence: Key to Purity


Dr. Alice von Hildebrand presents this talk on the connection between reverence and purity. Why is it that society judges a woman much more harshly for sexual sins than a man? Because it is within a woman that God chose to create new life. The creation of life is a mystery that needs to be veiled with reverence and respect.

Those who are reverent and respectful toward their bodies and those of others, with God's grace, will maintain their purity. Many in society treat people like animals and detach the "marital act" from the reverence it deserves. They accept it and promote it in the wrong context and thus betray its sacredness.

With the help of this talk, help spread the truth and reclaim the marital act for what it really is: a sacred union between a married man and woman for the co-creation with God of a new life made in His image and likeness.