The Population Problem by Dr. Jacqueline Kasun


Popular opinion is that science supports evidence of a crisis of overpopulation and environmental degradation, which supposedly threatens the very existence of people around the world. As Dr. Jacqueline Kasun reveals in The Population Problem, nothing could be further from the truth! This CD talk will arm you with the ammunition you need to refute the overpopulation myth and fight the population control movement. You will learn important facts like:

  • Everyone in the world could move to the state of Texas and be able to live in the amount of space a person gets in the average American household.
  • Only 1% of the earth's land surface is occupied by people
  • Fertility in Europe and the U.S. is below replacement level.
  • World Bank projections of global population peaking at 10 billion would mean that people may take up an entire 2% of the land surface of the earth and use 1/5 of it for crop production!