The Shroud of Turin and the C-14 Dating Fiasco


In 1988 a Carbon 14 test gave a date for the Shroud of Turn at around 1300 A.D. Is the famous relic, thought by many to be the genuines burial shroud of Christ, a medieval forgery after all? The author presents a lengthy interview with Shroud scientists John Heller and Alan Adler, whose experiments proved the blood on the Shroud is real blood. They proved that the image comes from oxidation of the crowns of the fibers, and not from the paint. Russian biochemists have recreated the conditins of the 1532 fire that nearly destroyed the Shroud. Chemical reactions during the fire could have made the radiocarbon 1300 years too recent. Science and religion journalist Thomas Case has written a vivid account. This present volume will be a necessary addition to the libraries of those who support the scientific investigation of the Holy Shroud of Turin.